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creating and implementing social campaigns for spiritually conscious creative trailblazers. 

Deja the jovian

What's up? I'm Deja

Creator and thought-thinker obsessed with the planets and creating cool shit for the physical and digital realm. 

As a Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon, Aries Rising, Deja is passionate about finding new ways to make traditional astrology as fun and exciting as it possibly can be. By combining graphic design and photography, Deja works with brands and other practitioners to create Thee Coolest astrology content the world has ever seen. 


General Birth Chart Readings

Need an experts opinion on your birth chart? 

Want a better understanding of what's going on in your life and how to work with it? This is for you!

Vocational Consultations

Want to use astrology to figure out what to do with your life career wise?


Need reassurance from the universe that you're on the right path? This is for you!

Astro Branding Brainstorm

Have no idea how to advertise your business on social media? 

Motivated and excited to start your Astrology Practice but have no clue where to begin? This is for you!


The Astrology Drinking Game

Deja is the co-creator and astrologer of Zodiac Buzzed, the first ever Astrology drinking card game bringing laughter and fun to your game nights. Loosen up, get competitive, and connect with your loved ones. Zodiac Buzzed facilitates a night full of laughter, joy, and humorous self reflection while also introducing people to the various manifestations of their zodiac sign!




Deja joins her co-hosts Jared and Astrolojohn in a bi-weekly Podcast where they chat about life, art, and culture, and spill tea while doing so. Every two weeks the gang gathers to go over the upcoming astrology and to share a few rants about literally whatever pops in our brains.

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