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Let's examine your life using Thee Coolest, most inspiring and affirming lens of all, Astrology


I believe that astrology provides us with a unique and creative perspective that calls us to examine our life using a divine lens.


I am here to serve as a translator and guide, to explain what the planets are saying and to tie it down to what's happening in your life. I'm here to affirm your experiences and to give you a glimpse of hope.


Come open and ready to have a great conversation, I love to laugh and have fun but I also will make space and give you an opportunity to process anything that’s a little more heavy and scary. Come with questions, come to vent, come to chat my ear off, the more you share the better and more fruitful the conversation will be!


If you’ve never had a reading before, I will be sure to walk you thru the basics of your chart so that you leave having a deeper understanding of what your birth chart means irl. 


We'll never get through everything in your chart. This is a pipe dream (that I am still actively unlearning) and is quite impossible. Meet with me again if you feel like there's still more you would like to chat about!


A note on pricing - for all my consultations, I use a sliding scale, that way you have a bit more freedom to choose how much you can pay. If you have more disposable income, pay at or closer to the top of the scale. If you have a marginalized identity, pay at the lower end of the scale. 

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60 mins Sliding Scale $90-$140

Ever wanted to use astrology to find your career? To see if you're cut out for starting your own business? To see what the business even looks like? Or to just get inspired and think outside the box? Well this service is for you!


Vocational Astrology is the art of finding your calling or career path using astrology.


In this session we'll collaborate and brainstorm your authentic role on this earth. We'll use your birth chart to get clear on what you can do for work (or for pure fun) and how it contributes to your overall reputation and the name you are building for yourself. 


My goal is to provide you with practical and useful insight and to inspire and motivate you to get out there and do the damn thing, no matter how big your dreams may be. We'll use traditional techniques to get clear on the planetary energies that are making the most noise and how to accept and work with them so that you can begin to take the steps towards giving form to your vision.

This service is best for people who want to use astrology to find their career or for those who have ideas on what to do with their life but they just need some cosmic guidance. If you've always been interested in working for yourself, starting your own business, or embarking on a big project, this consultation can help you hone in on your positioning, offerings, and overall vision. 

Curious about Vocational astrology but not ready for a consultation? Read my article I wrote breaking down the basics of vocational astrology!

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60 mins Sliding Scale $100-$150

Wondering how to effectively communicate and share your Work in this world? In a way that's captivating, visually compelling, but also authentic? I'm here to help!


 By combining my experience in starting my own astrology practice and Social Media Marketing I can help you actualize your vision for your practice, we can turn your "pipe dreams" into reality. 


We'll explore everything that goes into your branding...

  • visual aesthetic

  • positioning and unique perspective

  • converting followers into clients

  • your brands promise to your audience and clients 

  • how to navigate visibility while also remaining authentic and genuine 


We'll brainstorm how you can effectively share your knowledge with your audience so that you can build out the practice of your dreams. 

I believe that with a little inspiration and collaboration, you can create your very own slice in the astro community and stand out amongst the crowd while also making a living for yourself (because let's be honest, we deserve to get paid for our work and there's no shame in that!)


This service is best for those who already have been practicing astrology, for those who are looking to transition into a formal or professional practice, or for those who are already establish but need help understanding how to show up authentically and courageously online. 

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Deja and her readings are a true gem! If you're debating booking a consultation, I highly recommend you go for it. I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Deja and gained so much insight and validation about the direction my life is heading!! They were professional, genuine, and a complete joy to speak with. I would sincerely give their consultation a 20/10!

Michaela H.

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