Let's go on a quest to uncover your authentic role on this earth. We'll look for the suggestions and solutions within your chart and piece together your vocational story. My goal is to provide you with practical and useful insight that aids you in your journey of answering your cosmic calling. 

This service is best for non-astrologers and astrologers looking to get clear on their authenticity. This is also a great first stop before diving into an Astrologer Mentorship Session. 

Wondering which direction to take your spiritual interests? Need to go from personal practice to public practice? I'm here to help! With my experience in Social Media Marketing and your vision for your practice, we can turn your "pipe dreams" into reality.


This service is best for those who already have been practicing astrology, for those who are looking to transition into a formal or professional practice. Or for those who are already establish but need help understanding how to show up authentically online.