Dennis S

The reading was absolutely wonderful. I felt as though Deja had an excellent grasp of my chart, and was able to navigate it in a way where she was able to see deeply into specific parts of my life. It felt very personal, and I am appreciative. I’ll definitely be recommending to everyone I know!


Deja truly took the time to explain certain terms and placements, reference your particular signs to real word happenings, and encouraged me to dive deep into the findings and make sense of what she was saying in my own life. If you’re looking for someone who’s welcoming, friendly, professional, and well versed in astrology, I highly recommend Queen Jupiter Astrology! I had a great time and learned so much; I’m looking forward to our next time!

Lily Olsberg

In addition to being informative, spOoOkily accurate and extremely eye opening, my reading with Deja was a super enjoyable experience!! Deja's relatable, easy going nature, comforting nature allowed for us to have the best year ahead reading I could have hoped for. 10/10 would recommend to a friend! Will be coming back for more xo

Claire Hayden

You gave me a very good understanding of what I should expect in my year ahead through detailed breakdowns month by month, and when I got confused you held my hand and walked me through it step by step. You exceeded my exceptions of what this would be like, I highly recommend your service to anyone who is looking to have a deeper understanding of themselves and anyone who is going through a rough patch and needs some guidance. Thank you so much for everything (:

Ava G

Speaking with Deja was an amazing experience! She was extremely thoughtful in everything she said. She took her time to make sure I understood what she was speaking about. She also give me time to ask questions or give input that she then used to further shape the reading. Deja also went over the time scheduled to make sure that she answered all of my questions. It was a wonderful experience to talk with her and to hear her use her expertise to help me to understand my own experience!! A true pleasure to speak with her.

Bianca C

You were amazing!! You helped me to connect the dots in my life and I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to work with you! I feel you did a great job at helping me to understand the information you were relaying and you made very uncomfortable or confusing topics very simple for me to process so I thank you again and I believe anyone would benefit from a reading with you!💛 I have two pages of notes to look back on plus the recording that you send so I think this is a wonderful, timeless gift that someone could give themselves.

Teri C

My first ever personal reading was with Deja of Queen Jupiter Astrology and I'm so thrilled to now have that kind of one-to-one guidance. Deja is incredibly kind, patient, and shares these amazing gems of knowledge/inspiring words that resonate long after the reading itself. I went into it with a lot of nervous, anxious energy and left feeling really seen/heard as well as hopeful for the year ahead. So grateful for the entire experience.

Brittney B

I loved my reading with Deja! I loved her energy from the beginning of the call, I felt like we could talk for hours. She talked me through my placements and I appreciate her answering my astrology questions while using my chart as the example. So many "ah-ha" moments for me during the reading and afterwards. Book a reading with her, you'll thank yourself later!


I had such a great experience getting my reading done by Deja! It was so thorough and illuminating. Deja's understanding of astrology and her ability to translate it and weave it together was amazing! She was great at explaining anything that was beyond my knowledge in astrology (which was a decent amount). I would definitely get a reading again! :)

Alyssa S

I loved my reading and got great insights about my coming year. Deja was also kind enough to explain some astrology concepts to me since I’m still learning. I definitely recommend to all people wanting to explore the stars and all the messages in them to book with Deja :D

Natalie Guyon

I had a wonderful year ahead reading with Deja.
She helped me understand and plan ahead for the astrological weather of 2021.
I highly recommend booking a reading!


I had my first ever wholistic birth chart reading done with the lovely Déjà. She is very knowledgeable and informative in her readings but is also understandable as she explains your chart throughout. I really enjoyed my reading with déjà and would definitely recommend her.

Deja and her insight of my Birth Chart Reading was really meaningful. She made me realize of the strengths and possbilities I have at hand and that I have overlooked. She also made me understand relevant aspects of my character that I had not noticed before and I can improve day by day. I strongly recommed you ask for her skills and amazing vibe and knowledge. Thanks again Deja!!!


Beautiful energy and enthusiasm, Deja rocked this session answering my questions and giving me validation on my thoughts process which was VERY helpful. I can't wait for the next session to unravel the mysteries of my chart and make it a tool to be prepared for what's to come. Discover - Learn - Adapt - Transform. Thank you Deja.

M Hoang

I had so much fun reading with Deja! Exchanging notes on my birth chart was the perfect balance between having a conversation about life and the human condition grounded by her technique and knowledge of astrology. It gave me such a fresh perspective on parts of my chart that I thought I already knew. Our exchange felt balanced and dynamic. I thought an hour and a half would feel long, but it actually wasn't nearly long enough! I am so excited to read with her again. Ever since our reading, I've been hitting the books heavily to dissect what we talked about. Deja, your reading has been the gift that keeps on giving! Thank you so much for an amazing experience.

Diego Espinosa

My year ahead reading from Deja was incredibly informative. She is a great listener and helped me make sense of a stressful situation while pointing to where my strengths lie in my chart. She also highlighted specific times throughout the upcoming year that would be helpful to me. Her positivity radiates and by the end of the session, I had a smile on my face and a feeling of hopeful optimism for this upcoming year.

Brooke H

I have never felt so seen in my entire life. My chart reading was incredible, honest, and heart felt. Deja is so knowledgeable about Astrology, and yet she puts everything into terms that are so easily understood. She truly meets you where you are at. 10/10 recommend

E Long

I got in with Deja to do the Vocational Astrology Reading. She helped to give me a fresh perspective on some questions I had regarding where I’m headed in a job/my life’s purpose. The flow of the reading was very much like an easy conversation. Which I appreciated because it helped me to digest the information even better. She definitely was able to weave and make connections so I was able to see those energies showing up in my life. I had many realizations while going through my chart. I really loved this reading!! :)

Emma G

My reading with Deja was absolutely phenomenal. Of all the astrologers I’ve worked with, Deja is by far the most engaged and collaborative. I was truly blown away by her insights and so appreciative of her collaborative style. She really gave us the space and flexibility to talk about how her insights applied to my life and go where the conversation led us. My reading just felt so tailored to me and more like a really amazing conversation with a friend than anything else. Above all, she just seems like a really rad person with incredible energy and a warm and welcoming presence. One of the best (and most fun!) astro readings I’ve ever gotten - I can’t recommend her highly enough!


I loved the practice vocational astrology reading so much. One of my favorite things about it was that we were in conversation with each other. You tended to my birth chart with so much care, love, and clarity and I appreciated that. It’s very obvious that you take this work really seriously and your thoughtfulness shows. You have this vibrant and comforting energy about you that just made the process even easier. I thank you for giving me a sense of peace and direction with this vocational reading. It has been something I’ve been looking for for a while now and thank you so much for doing this!


Deja was so helpful and insightful. I have so many interest and things I’m good at but she helped me to really see what my chart affirms as my sweet spot. Which was perfect because it confirmed some things and made me also come to some awarenesses I did not have before. Very important to me as I’m trying to make some shifts in my work life and better feed my soul. ♥️

Emma L

Deja was truly a delight to work with. Her energy was warm, compassionate, and enthusiastic, and she clearly has a deep love of the material. Deja made me feel very seen and validated, and was great about explaining her reasoning behind her statements and asking lots of questions to foster an active reading experience. I highly recommend!


Getting the vocational astrology reading with Deja was so incredible, not only because of her very clear dedication to/knowledge about her craft, but because the reading was so interactive and encouraging! It felt amazing to have her work WITH me and not FOR me, which is not something a lot of other readers do. She has this amazing way of making you feel safe and heard. Please book with her, you will not regret it!