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Mercury retrograde szn is upon us. Here’s a guide to understanding what’s going on…

Today, Friday January 15, Mercury will enter their shadow at 11° Aquarius. From now till Jan 30, we’ll be getting the initial overview of our personal Mercury retrograde story, if you’re paying close enough attention you may note that topics explored during this time serve as foreshadow for the retrograde period itself, which begins January 30. On that day, Mercury will turn around and the review period formally begins. From then till February 21, we’ll be granted the opportunity to slow down and rethink our words, to go over all the planning we just did, to see if the vision we’re trying to create actually makes logical sense. This mercury retrograde will highlight the Jupiter Saturn conjunction that took place back in December - watch my video on the Great Conjunction here. Over the next month or so, we’ll be sorting through the details of our Aquarius house in our individual birth charts.

But what are Mercury retrogrades exactly?

About three times a year, Mercury, the planet of communication, travels, and technology slows down and appears to make a backwards loop in the sky. This is all an illusion, Mercury doesn’t actually turn around, it’s just moving so fast around the sun that it appears to lap us. Every planet stations retrograde every year but Mercury does so the most!

Here’s a fabulous video explaining the astronomy of it all.

Mercury retrogrades call us to make revisions, to rethink, and reconfigure. The retrograde period itself is when the explicit revisions take place, but the entire retrograde story takes more into account than just that. Retro periods begin with the first shadow period - this is when the planet crosses over the degree at which it stations direct at the end of the retrograde. The planet carries on going forward till it slows down and appears to stop and turn around - this is the retrograde station, when retrograde begins. Now the planet is moving backwards (well it appears that way) and is covering the ground it did previously - this backwards motion is the retrograde motion itself! During this time, the story is being brought to our attention, the miscommunications come to light, and we’re made aware that revisions must be made. Finally, the planet will slow down, appear to come to a stop, and will begin moving in a forwards direction. This is the direct station, when a planet is turning around to go direct. Now the planet is going forward again and doing the final revisions, this is the second and last shadow period. We’re crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s, we’re wrapping things up and moving forward.

Mercury usually turns backwards in the same element during the course of any given year, last year the Mercury retros were in the Water signs, so things were kinda emo. We were reviewing our feelings and emotional connections. But this year they’re happening in the Air signs - Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. We’re rethinking our logic and our reasoning, we’re questioning previously stated ideas, and we’re asking others for their opinions - the air signs are known to be interested in consulting with others and working with their insight. I honestly don’t think these mercury retrogrades are going to be that bad this year, I have a feeling we’re going to need a chance to rethink our opinions.

Here’s a timeline…

January - March Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Enters Shadow January 16

✰ Stations Retrograde January 30

✰ Stations Direct February 21

Exits Shadow March 13

May - July Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Enters Shadow May 15

✰ Stations Retrograde May 29

✰ Stations Direct June 22

Exits Shadow July 8

September - November Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Enters Shadow September 9

✰ Stations Retrograde September 27

✰ Stations Direct October 18

Exits Shadow November 3

I like to think of these periods of time as gifts from the cosmos to slow down and reflect. We often get so caught up wanting to find out more, but what if the answers were already there and we overlooked them? Sometimes it’s good to stop and re-evaluate, maybe we missed something, maybe there was an opinion that was left unheard. Maybe temporary shutdowns are opportunities for you to take a break.

I always recommend folks to be gentle with themselves, allocate time and resources for potential mishaps. Maybe leave out a few extra minutes early, double check your texts before you hit send, read over that paper or article one more time. Be patient, getting your words out may be a little bit harder than what you’re used to.

As I mentioned earlier, we go through this 3 times a year, every single year of our lives. You’ve gotten through them in the past and you’re gonna get through them again! I believe in you!

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