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At midnight est on January 13, we’ll be taking a trip to the Underworld, Hades is calling for a visit once again….

The Moon and the Sun will conjoin at 23° of Capricorn, beginning a new (mini) cycle within that area of our life.

Our Capricorn house is the process of being broken down and metamorphosed. Structures, walls, and barriers that no longer serve us are crumbling and decaying. This new moon will serve as the next turning point in this story - make space for yourself, create a safe container in which you can grieve. We’ve all gone through so much in the last year, now could be a time to recap on what you lost and what you’re still holding onto. What do you need to leave with Hades? What do you want to come back up with you? What do you want to revive?

This lunation is answers to Saturn in Aquarius - structures are being analyzed, boundaries are being rethought, but we’re constructing these ideals by reviewing the past. We’re thinking hardcore about what limitations previously meant to us, what was their impact? What did they restrict? What did you lose in the process?

But sometimes working through endings, boundaries, and loss is hard - it’s frightening and can be super emo.

I think this New Moon should serve as a reminder that it’s ok to cry, it’s ok to be sad about things. It’s ok to feel overwhelmed by the unknown. Times are tense, the future feels uncertain but hopefully we can only go up from here.

According to your Rising sign, this New moon is taking place in your…

ARIES ✰ 10th House of public image, what you’re known for, and career.

TAURUS ✰ 9th House of long trips to far away places, your education, and your life philosophy.

GEMINI ✰ 8th House of shared resources, support you need from others and the support you receive.

CANCER ✰ 7th House of romantic and business partnerships and really tight friends.

LEO ✰ 6th House of your lifestyle, your work environment, how you tend to your physical health, and daily duties and obligations.

VIRGO ✰ 5th House of fun, pleasure, romance, and your creations.

LIBRA ✰ 4th House of family, privacy, home life, and your connection to your roots.

SCORPIO ✰ 3rd House of trips to places nearby, siblings, and how you communicate with the world.

SAGITTARIUS ✰ 2nd House of your livelihood, income, possessions, and your values.

CAPRICORN ✰ 1st House of self, character, how you relate to the world on immediate interface level.

AQUARIUS ✰ 12th House of your hidden fears, hidden enemies, and place of isolation and retreat.

PISCES ✰ 11th House of your network, friends, and your hopes and wishes in this life.

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