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My 12th House Profection Year

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I wrote this during the final months of my 12H year. If you're 23, 35, 47, 59 or 71 years old this applies to you!

Before we dive into things, let's get the basics out of the way and explore what the heck a profection year even is. "Profection years" come from the traditional timing technique, Annual Profections, it tells us where your journey will begin each year and what areas of life (the houses in your birth chart) will be most prominent according to your birthday and age.

Use this image to figure out what Profection year you're in

So when you turn 23, you begin the infamous 12th house profection year. Here's what I had to say about my experience...

23 was hard

Mentally and spiritually. My soul was vexed a lot but it wasn’t ever overt, super obvious things. It was lingering stains. Lingering wounds that needed to be figured out and tended to. I self-destructed A LOT. I did things I knew weren’t good for me but I just couldn’t resist. My 12th House profection year taught me how to assuage and satisfy those self-destructive tendencies, how to accept them (within reason ofc), without taking things too far, to the point of no return, leaving no opportunity for reconstruction. Without totally overwhelming me. How can I fall apart ~just enough~ that I don’t rip my soul from my body? So that I don’t throw myself down a gut wrenching and extremely triggering path? This year called me to routinely ask myself, how can I fall apart just enough for me to be able to still put myself back together? I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of it but I’m practicing! I’ve been getting better since this all first started. But it took me a while to get here (365 days to be precise).

Even though your 12th house profection year is about isolation and seclusion, I still relied on the help from my loved ones - to catch me and give me grace when I fell too far apart. It took forgiveness and compassion. Self-forgiveness and self-compassion, but also receiving these actions from others as well. Learning about abolition called me to walk down the path of understanding radical compassion and forgiveness. I used Pisces season (the Suns transit through my 12H) to learn and expand, to figure out what the hell I need to do that I’ve been overlooking and missing. I utilized the energy already present to understand the reality of my ongoing/continuous/lifelong 12H experience. It was revelation-inducing, fog clearing, and eye opening. I grew to become comfortable with being alone and understood how incredibly necessary it is sometimes. It's good to sit and stare at the wall, to just process without doing anything about what you're processing, to just let the information and feelings flow through you. At one point I felt really bad about not talking to or seeing any of my friends, I felt like I was doing something wrong and I wasn't being a good friend. And I probably wasn't being a good friend, I was overwhelmed by all the shit that accumulated in my 12H, all the sadness, woes, and lack of faith in meaningful connection.

TW Alcohol: Once my timelord went into domicile in the house that was profected, everything kinda snowballed from there. Jupiter in Pisces was a funky experience for me, I had to face somethings and felt weird about things that came my way. I started drinking a lot more than before. I used this time to prepare for/get an understanding of the possibilities Jupiter going back into Pisces would be like. I got my COVID vaccine so I started going outside more (solo endeavors or ones with close loved ones). I drifted, hard. I escaped, hard. In hopes of my problems solving themselves (they did not). My "hidden enemies" were brought to the forefront and I could not longer ignore them. It sucked while it was happening but looking back, I'm grateful (this is my ridiculously optimistic Jovial self talking rn lmfao).

Your Experience depends on your Timelord

What the heck is a Timelord you may ask! Your Timelord is the planet of the year. It's the planet that traditionally rules your Profected house.

For the sake of transparency, it’s also important for me to note that my 12th house profection year was not nearly as bad as it could’ve been. Jupiter (my benefic of sect and the greater benefic generally) rules my 12th house and resides quite comfortably in my 11th house. I am truly blessed but this may not be the same experience for all. To understand more about 23, check the planet that rules the sign of your 12H – if it’s a malefic planet (Mars or Saturn) 23 may be a bit more difficult, if it’s a benefic planet (Venus or Jupiter) 23 may not be as bad as it could be, a bit milder. You could have a similar experience to me, it not being the most fun but you're able to find some growth because of the discomfort. If it’s Mercury, check to see the tightest aspects they’re involved in. If mercury is making a tight aspect to a malefic it may be a series of “bad news” if Mercury is making a tight aspect to a benefic, it may be a series of “good news”. If the luminaries rule your 12H, 23 may be illuminating and may bring you a new sense of awareness. The sun is mildly malefic (ignorance is definitely bliss sometimes, and the sun wants to know and see everything). Also check in on your ego. The moon may call you to focus on taking care of yourself and looking out for folks from the shadows.

Wanting more? Here's a vlog I made chatting about my 12H year

If you're looking for more personal insight to get a better understanding of your 12th house year, consider booking a reading with me! We can chat through all of your experiences thus far and figure out how you can work with this ever present energy.

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