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Mars Retrograde is Over

Well folks today is the day! At 7:34 pm est Mars stations direct, she’ll turn around at 15° of Aries.

What have you learned about boundaries these past two month? Since September 9, we’ve been called to rethink how we fight and how to manage conflict. With the conclusion of the retrograde period, we’ll be figuring out when and how to fight. We won’t make our moves just yet, but the conflicts we’ve been sifting through will be made clear and obvious.

Mars will be chilling at 15° for a majority of the month so our energy will be concentrated on figuring out one specific thing. For the time being, things could still feel tense and overwhelming, we may not have the opportunity to make moves but we may stumble upon info that’ll help us make plans for the future.

Mars will be in his shadow till January 4, 2021 so we’re not ~completely~ in the clear just yet. Things will be a bit slow throughout November but once December rolls around, we’ll see some forward moving progress in our Aries house. Mars will be full steam ahead charging through Aries giving you the opportunity to address the issues that came up during the retrograde period.

Check in on your Aries house and your other cardinal placements near 15° - this direct station could be a turning point for those areas of life as well.

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