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Late Wednesday evening, January 6, Mars left his domicile of Aries and moved into Taurus.

For the past 7 months, Mars, the planet of conflict, assertiveness. and action was in a sign that is decisive and reactionary. But it’s entering into a more pragmatic and predictable land. A land that is interested in tangible results. A land where storing power and energy for the long haul is of the utmost importance. During this transit, we’re sinking in our heals 3 feet deep before we charge forward. But when we’re off, there’s no turning back.

Mars is in the sign of his detriment when in Taurus, it’s working with inertia - energy that is already going on, energy that is unchanging, here’s a short and sweet video that explains it. It’s not energy that is created within oneself, rather, it’s energy we’re maintaining from a previous source. But the thing with inertia is that if you’ve got a sh*t ton of momentum you could break through mountains. The power and might that lies behind the calm exterior of Taurus is no joke, once the bull is off there’s no stopping it. And while Mars is making this trip, he’ll run into a couple of players that unleash him.

On January 9, Marswill form a square to Mercury in Aquarius.

These couple of days could be harsh. Mercury, the planet of communication, explanation, and opinions is calling for Mars to make some adjustments (the square). Words can hurt, they can be daggers and this aspect between Mercury and Mars could manifest as the weaponization of words. Disagreements and arguments may become more prevalent. Be sure to think before you speak, and try not to be too critical of things. Because of Mercury’s retrograde in February, they’re going to run into each other again on February 11. So be mindful of the same energy around that time as well.

On January 12, Marsis going to form a square to Saturn in Aquarius, this is where things get tense. Aspects between Mars and Saturn are frustrating - Saturn tends to delay things whereas Mars likes to speed things up. Mars is like, I’ve got this momentum and you can’t stop me, and Saturn is like, well no we’ve actually gotta think this through and figure out the ideal outcome for all.

Mars doesn’t have much power in this situation, so he may fold, but, I think this aspect is primarily going to bring some preliminary attention to the Saturn Uranus square coming up a few times throughout 2021, the first being February 17. During that time, we’ll see a tension between governance and revolution, an overthrow of the status quo. But we’ll get more into that when the time comes.

In our personal lives, this aspect could manifest as a tension between two different areas of life. On one end there’s a desire to continue doing the same thing (Mars in Taurus) and Saturn in Aquarius is like no we must reflect on our responsibilities. The work we’re doing in our Taurus house may need to be readjusted according to what’s being asked of us in Aquarius house in our charts.

On January 20-21 Mars will conjoin Uranus at 6° - This aspect may bring up volatile and disruptive energy. Mars brings a sense of urgency and necessity to whatever it touches - the necessity in Taurus comes from a place of wanting to protect your comfort, your values, and your property.

Uranus is the planet of disruptions and sudden changes, revolution and upheaval. The Uranian archetype is one that represents everything that breaks down boundaries. Mars and Uranus coming together corresponds with times where we feel like independence must be achieved. We must change, we must fight back. We must revolt for the sake of something better, for the sake of more freedom.

Check in on your Taurus house again around this time, see what changes need to be made. Maybe the shackles of consistency have been holding you back from seeing the other options, or maybe you’ve been waiting for your breakthrough and this is finally it.

Do what you gotta do for you.

This transit is primarily going to impact the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) so check in on your chart to see if you have any placements or points in a fixed sign!

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