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Happy Taurus Season!

Here are my initial thoughts:

Yesterday, the Sun ingressed into the sign of Taurus, continuing to highlight the Venusian energy we’re getting for the next few weeks. With the Sun ingressing into this fixed earth sign, Spring is settling down and flowers are beginning to bloom. Usually, this transit may call us to establish a sense of stability, to find ways to further entrench our values in the dependability of resources that provide us with security. But Taurus szn 2021 may offer us a slightly different experience. This time around, we’ll be called to challenge our comfort, what usually brings us a sense of fulfillment may be tossed… we’ll be called to embrace change no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

Remember the Saturn Uranus square back in mid February? Well it’s being activated during the Sun's trip through Taurus land. We’re tapping back into the changes in upheavals that are needed to launch us into a state of independence and freedom.

Watch my take on the Saturn Uranus Square here:

When trying to find the words to describe this time period, The Tower reversed made an appearance... its story speaks on personal transformation and calls us to question our current belief systems and whether or not they’re still viable. Ask yourself what changes need to be instigated within yourself? Think critically about which parts of your values and belief systems need to be relinquished. As we grow and evolve it is nearly impossible to continue using old models of reasoning, how can we work with change when we’re stuck in the same thought processes that were holding us back to begin with?

But change can be daunting and scary, if it’s inevitable, how do we navigate it in a healthy manner? I asked this question to another deck I have called the Fuzzy Prism Oracle deck by Holly Simple and I got Embrace. That kinda hits like super hard lmfao. Why resist change? Why fight it? Is it fear? Is it our need to have ultimate control over our lives? Wouldn’t accepting reality for what it is be a step in the right direction? This act of acceptance will bring healing and freedom. The truth really does set you free.

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