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⚔️🖤 Venus into Scorpio 🖤⚔️

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Tomorrow morning at about 8 AM est, Venus will leave Libra and dive into the depths of Scorpio and she’ll stay there until December 15 when she ingresses into Sag.

During this transit, we’re being called to mend what is broken, we’re plunging into emotionally vulnerable places where most people are too scared to go. Scorpio energy is unspoken but deeply felt, we’ll be questioning our values in an area of life that we tend to keep private, one that is hidden and lowkey.

No matter how uncomfy things are, we will be willing to go as deep as we need to find the truth. Once you do that internal work, you’ll have the chance to establish unquestionable bonds. Some of us will go deep and discover that the people in our lives or the values we hold no longer serve us, shed those things. Get rid of them, the courage you need to rid yourself of these unhealthy attachments is already within you, just rip the band aid off.

All of next week, Venus will be applying to an opposition with Uranus. During our deep dives, we may run into a surprise or two. Your values may be questioned, erratic energy from your taurus house may call you to rethink what connection and intimacy means to you.

On a larger scale, this Uranus - Venus interaction is happening the week leading up to Thanksgiving and with new COVID restrictions in place, we’re most definitely being called to adjust to disruptions placed in front of us. How will we adjust? Zoom Thanksgiving seems likely for some folks but maybe with the noise of family gathering quieting down, we can sit with our thoughts and think critically about our role in fighting for justice for those whose land we’re on. How are we honoring the lives that were taken? How are we preserving the lives that are still here? Question everything and put in the work to work towards the solution.

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