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Astrology is a tool - Revised

Our lives are constantly transforming, each experience we have contributes to our overall understanding of the world. But what if we could have a bit more context? That’s where astrology comes in.

Astrology gives meaning to the synchronization of the orbit of planets around the sun and our collective and individual lives. It’s a lens through which we can acknowledge and honor our life story thus empowering us to validate our experiences. All experiences - the good and the bad, the difficult and the manageable, the fulfilling and draining.

By using the cycles of the natural (yet far out) world, we can take note of celestial movements and how they correlate to our individual lives. When analyzing your birth chart and tracking the transits, you’re becoming familiar with the terrain of your celestial map. You can build a relationship with the planets simply by allowing them to do their thing and then taking note of the symbolism afterwards.

Astrology goes far beyond understanding your personality, it’s also about contextualizing your life themes, preparing for what potentially lies ahead, or gaining more insight from experiences in the past. It isn’t something to believe in, it’s something to know and learn.

Immersing in the language and techniques of astrology can help you to make sense of what’s going on in your life so you can understand your role and greater purpose on Earth. It helps you appreciate your life without taking anything for granted and it reminds you there’s no one else living your life except you!

Your life is valid, your ambitions and goals are valid, your boundaries and limits are VALID!! Use it as a tool to remind you of this.

Use it as a tool to soothe your conscience, let it show you that you’re not crazy and that everything you’re feeling/seeing/experiencing is valid and true. Use it as a form of radical self-care and preservation, to honor and validate your selfhood. Use it to aid you along this journey of self-discovery so you can feel free to be radically authentic. Use it to get a deeper understanding of how to care for your spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Use it as a tool for empowerment and enlightenment.

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