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As an Astrologer, I simplify the complexities of your Birth Chart

Most times folks come to me because they’ve never had their chart read by a professional and they need further guidance. All the symbols and lines can look like pure gibberish to them lmfao, that’s where I come in 🥰

Wheel charts, planetary rulership, the houses, all the moving pieces and techniques within traditional astrology can be extremely daunting for folks. Like what the heck? There’s multiple house systems? There are day charts and night charts? And benefic and malefic planets? Lmfao, yes! My duty is to provide clear and explanatory information that provides you with a more personalized understanding of what’s happening in the cosmos.

In consultations with me, I create a safe container for you to explore your chart in a way that is productive, honest, and illuminating. I’m merely a guide and translator - I’ll make sense of all the gibberish and I’ll hold your hand as we dive into the depths. You’ll leave your reading with me feeling so empowered and reassured, you’ll feel ready and capable to explore traditional astrology (and yourself) even deeper. My job is to make the vastness of the cosmos seem a bit more manageable.

Interested in working with me? February books are open! 🥰 I can’t wait to continue to connect with you all. I’ll be letting you all know about my services for the month over the next couple of days so stay tuned! In the meantime, read up on some of my client love, see what other community members have to say about readings with me 💫

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