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Let's reimagine the true essence of your biz and brand.

60 mins

Sliding Scale  $100 - $150 

What's up? I'm Deja! Nice to meet you :) we've probs met online somewhere but if not, welcome! Have you been feeling like you're getting overlooked by the algorithm and not getting as many clients or customers as you'd like? Or maybe you have this incredible vision for all The Big Things you wanna do but you're just starting out and you don't really know which direction to go. You've got the dream, but how can you make it a reality? 

When working with me, we'll explore the true essence of your brand so that you feel confident to show up as your most you-est self online and attract the super fans and community members you've been looking for.

In a 60 mins chat, we'll...

  • Define or redefine your brands position

  • Check out your social media pages and ideate and strategize content

  • Check in on Pinterest for some visual aesthetic inspo

  • Chat thru your story, figure out what's motivating you and get inspired by your journey 

  • Find ways to gain trust btwn you and your audience so they feel safe and comfy with meeting with you

You'll leave with...

  • Clarity, confidence, and bolts of creative inspiration

  • A new and fresh perspective on internet branding

  • Feedback and advice on your content and how to improve 

  • A Brainstorm Worksheet you can always add and reference back to

  • The recording of our chat

I'm here to help you...

Feel more comfy and confident showing up and standing out amongst the crowd while also making a living for yourself  (because let's be honest, we deserve to get paid for our work and there's no shame in that!)


I have sung Deja's praises to anyone that will hear after our Budding Astrologer Reading! I could tell right away when I arrived at our reading that it would be a good one. Deja's energy/container is supportive, awakening, and grounding. I was able to find direction for my business, and support for which areas to focus growth. I highly recommend getting a reading with Deja, because it will give you access to your path, and give you the push you need to believe you can engage with it!


I used to be right where you're at

I've always craved financial freedom (and security) and I always knew I wasn't going to get that from a traditional 9-5. When the pandemic hit (right before I graduated from undergrad), I hit the ground running - I combed the internet for resources and watched as many "How-To-Start-Your-Own-Business" and "Define-Your-Target-Audience" YouTube videos as I could find. But with hands on experience and learning from various brand strategy experts, I learned that all is takes to stand out is a little clarity, empowerment, and a plan. I know how murky and confusing the marketing waters can be, that's why I want to help as many ppl as I can! 

By combining my experience in Social Media Marketing and starting my own astrology business, I can help you actualize your creative vision for your business and creative projects. Together, we can prove the haters wrong and turn your "pipe dreams" into a reality. You'll leave feeling empowered and motivated to get out there, stand out, and to just do the damn thing. 

With a little inspiration and collaboration, you can create your very own corner on the internet.

This service is for...

Spiritual and Creative entrepreneurs looking to get courageously confident online. 

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