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slash social media manager, slash brand consultant, slash photographer, slash astrologer

Creative Director

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Deja is an astrologer and creative jack of all trades 

Deja is a Philly based, traditional astrologer turned social media manager. While her personal astrology practice is on a bit of a hiatus, she has found a passion in helping people grow their businesses and projects online. 

She previously served on the board of the Association of Young Astrologers as the Social Media Manager and worked as a content creator for CUSP, a horoscope and compatibility app. She is also the Astrologer and Marketing Manager of Zodiac Buzzed, the worlds first ever astrology drinking game. 


Philadelphia, PA

Traditional, Hellenistic

BA in Philosophy 
Fundamentals in Astrology 
Witch & Famous 

1H Profection Year

Sagittarius Sun, Leo Moon, Aries Rising, with an 11th House Aquarius Stellium

Naruto & Film Photography

Kirah Tabourn, Kelly Surtees, Austin CoppockChris Brennan

Captolia Eaton, Erin on Demand

Simone Kolysh, Mariamme Kaba


My astrological practice was born out of pure curiosity for my birth chart. My skill in graphic design and aesthetic in general, finds its genesis in a pure love for making things look good. I have always known that I was Sagittarius Sun but it wasn't until I saw my birth chart for the first time that I realized there was way more to astrology than just zodiac signs. I was always into creative expression across various mediums but it wasn’t until astrology that I found an outlet and container for me to explore my creativity. After learning about the nuances of my birth chart, I was completely overtaken by this new and interesting study that I thought I already knew so much about. After finally teaching myself photoshop, making content for Instagram, and learning about “social media marketing strategy” I realized I found another true love - graphic design and social media marketing. 


I started to seek more knowledge from every source I could get my hands on. I listened to podcasts and followed astrologers on social media. Learning from Kirah Tabourn, Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock, and Chris Brennan and the Astrology Podcast, I started to understand the power of this special kind of knowledge. 

In January 2020, after years of private study, I announced to my online community that I would be offering free birth-chart readings. As a child of Windows 95 and Al Gore’s internet, it was intuitive for me to introduce my work on my various social platforms. I taught myself graphic design and committed to creating astrological content. It was through Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram that I was able to freely explore my interests in art, social justice, and the occult without the fear of judgment from people I knew in my physical communities. The internet has opened the door for me to feel comfortable and confident in my authenticity and it’s never been more important for me to share my journey to inspire others in my digital sphere. 

When I am not practicing astrology and creating content for the world wide web, I'm surfing the internet for inspiration for new creative projects, wandering through my neighborhood with my film camera, or binge watching Naruto or the Office. Recently, I have gotten back into knitting!

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